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Want To Double Your Traffic Exchange Credits?

If you want to add 50% to 100% more credits to your surfing, all you have to do
is surf the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges below at the same time. It's just that simple!

1. Traffic Splash

Traffic Splash

2. Traffic Era

Traffic Era Bar

3. Tezzers


4. Farm Traffic

Farm Traffic

5. Hungry For Hits

Hungry For Hits

6. Dragon Surf

Dragon Surf

7. List Surfing

List Surfing

8. Traffic Speedway

Traffic Speedway

9. Global Hits 2 U

Global Hits 2 U

10. Traffic G

Traffic G

After you joined all 10 Traffic Exchanges above, you need to "Activate" them so you can start collecting those bonus credits. You do that by joining the Traffic Exchange Command Center.

In the Command Center, you will be able to manage all your Traffic Exchanges in one place. When you have your Exchanges open, click on the link that says Bonus Not Activated, and then you're off to the races and earning 50% to 100% extra surfing credits!

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