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I have tested hundreds of Safelist and Mailers over the years. The Mailers listed below consistently deliver opt-ins and paid signups on a regular basis, even as a free member. However, I did take the Lifetime membership at Herculist so I can mail the entire list every day of over 86,894+ members. Eventually, I will upgrade at all of the Safelists below as they continue to deliver sales and help me grow my list. Enjoy!

1. Herculist


2. Trend Mails

Trend Mails

3. AdChiever Mailer

Adchiever Mailer

4. Classic Solo Mailer

Classic Solor Mailer

5. The Evolution Mailer

The Evolution Mailer

6. Free Safelist King

Free Safelist King

7. Harmony Mails

Harmony Mails

8. Proactive Mailer

Proactive Mailer

9. Red Stag Mailer

Red Stag Mailer

10. US Largest Safelist

US Largest Safelist

11. The Viral Mailz

The Viral Mailz

12. Richy Rich Mailer

Richy Rich Mailer

13. Royal Mailz

Royal Mailz

14. List Builder Mayhem

List Builder Mayhem

15. List Unlocked

List Unlocked

16. Quantum Safelist

Quantum Safelist

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